A Vision for the Future

My whole life I have been told that having a vision board is important. It is supposed to help you see what you want from your life. Now I can’t say I disagree with that concept. In the past I have struggled to visualize and have goals, so having a vision board is important to my mental health.

Recently, I decided that I needed to create a vision board so I took to Pinterest and searched for images related to what I wanted in my life. Will these desires change? Perhaps. Isn’t that apart of life? Change is inevitable. But the important thing is that I’m moving forward and trying to grow.

This is my vision board. It’s okay if you can’t tell what everything is. I’ll give a brief explanation in a second.

2017-10-13 16.27.22


Left to Right Starting from the Top:

Winged Eyeliner is something I really want to learn to do perfectly. I have begun taking steps in getting there but I have along way to go.

Social Justice and Equality are important to me. I want to fight for others more as I grow older. I want everyone to be equal and know it before I die. Also, the environment is incredibly important to me.

Computer code is something I want to learn. I have always loved computers and I want to be able to do things most other normal people can’t.

A beautiful city apartment is high on my life goals list. I adore the city and desperately want to live in a high-rise over looking a beautiful city. Somehow I will make it happen.

A full closet is something that I’ve been wanting since I was young. Infinite amounts of clothes and so much space!

Cats! I want multiple cats in my future. I have two now but I want more.

Happiness. I want nothing more than that. I don’t expect it to come from anyone else but myself. I have just spent too much of my life miserable. Happiness is the only thing that will matter in the end. I’m working on it but it is a life long journey.

A car, especially a Tesla (like in the picture) would be a lot of fun to have. Even though I hate driving.

Writing. I want to write in my life. I need to write in this life. I want it to increase in importance. Also, I just want to get better at the art of writing. It is such a life essential for me.

Ciphers is something I’ve enjoyed for years but never had the time or patience to just sit down and learn. I want to finally get back to learning some codes.

Travelling is proving to be much more vital to my life than I ever thought possible. Got to keep doing it.

Modeling. I’ve wanted to be a model since I was a little girl. I just love having my picture taken. I always have so much fun.

A tattoo is something that I’ve wanted for years. I have yet to figure out what kind to get or where. Part of me is scared to do it but I still am dying to get it done.

I think I’ve made it clear that I have a love for shoes. But if I haven’t; I LOVE SHOES! I want dozens. A pair for any occasion. A closet full. Dreams!

The perfect makeup ability. It is something that I’ve been working on for years, but I’ve yet to get there. Got to keep working.

What’s on your vision board? Are you working on making any of it a reality?


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