Cider Mill Fun

If you are looking for something fun to do in the month of October and happen to be in close to the middle of the far east side of the state on Kansas you will want to check out the Louisburg Cider Mill. During the month of October they have a great fall festival. I’ve been wanting to go for several years and this year I finally made it happen. I don’t live close so it requires a bit of a drive for me.

cider mill

When we got there it busy and there was a $10 admittance fee but a lot comes with that ticket. Immediately, since my brother and I hadn’t eaten all day so we decided to see if they were selling their famous doughnuts. Sure enough we were able to get a dozen for $8.


We had to stand in line for a bit to get on the hayride around the pumpkin patch, but it moved quickly enough. If you have children there was tons of play equipment for them to occupy themselves as you wait.

The most disappointing thing about the hayride was that there wasn’t any hay on the ride. It was just benches. The ride was slow but it took us to the other side of the pumpkin patch where the corn maze was.


I haven’t really ever gone to a corn maze so I was excited to find my way out. Sure enough it turned out to be as fun as I hoped (minus a strong gross smell at one of the parts of the maze). I can definitely see why people like doing corn mazes at night though. It would make it a bit more difficult.

After the corn maze we walked around the pumpkin patch and laughed at the gross squished pumpkins that no one wanted. I even tried to pick one up and the top vine thing peeled off. We took a bunch of pictures and made our way to a play area more for little kids than adults but it was still fun. I’m sure the parents hated us being around. But why can’t 20 something’s have fun too? I ended up slipping off a hay bale that I’d climbed on and got dirt in my eye from a tire dirt pit.


We got on another hayride, this time it had hay in it! It took up back to where we started and we looked at the food trucks and took more pictures. I bought myself a cup of apple cider. Something I’d been wanting all day long.

After all that which lasted several hours we headed over to the store. I found myself a bottle of sparkling apple cider and I almost died of happiness! It was amazing. We also found an apple pie there too, which turned out to be amazing.


We spent a good amount of time in the store (mostly due to the line) and then we really needed to eat. We didn’t want to eat at the Cider Mill because we wanted something else. I found this diner a few miles up the road and we stopped in for some lunch. It was called Lucille’s Diner. It was a fun atmosphere and the food was delicious and you got sooooo much to eat. I had to bring half of it home.


After an entire day out we headed home, completely exhausted.

The day was fun and I definitely recommend going is you ever happen to be around Louisburg, Kansas or anywhere close to it. I am by no means an outdoorsy person. I don’t like farms or the country (sorry, no offense to those who do). I am a complete city girl, but even I had a day of absolute fun. It’s fun for all ages and personalities.


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