Lipstick Galore

“Go put lipstick on you’ll feel better”

That’s something that my mom tells me when I’m down. The truth is she’s right. Putting lipstick on always gives me a bit of a confidence boost. Almost like I can take on the world now.

Lipstick is extremely important for completing a look. Now that’s not to say that I always adhere to that rule. As I have extremely skin sensitivity (which includes my lips). My lips react poorly to pretty much anything I put on them besides chapstick (and even then sometimes). If anyone knows of a lipstick that is great for sensitive lips tell me in the comments.


All that being said I still wear lipstick when I can. It isn’t as often as I’d like, but I have been going through a lipstick phase again. This means I’m sucking it up and wearing it more. If for no other reason than a confidence boost.


Nothing beats a great red lipstick. I absolutely adore red lipstick. I always have. I never understand when people say they can’t pull it off. Um, yes you can, you just have to find your shade. For me I love the dark reds. The darker the better.


My love for dark red lipstick is probably from when I used to be fascinated by the cupid’s bow lipstick style of the 1920s. I have yet to find the perfect red, but I can tell I’m getting closer.

Since my fascination with lipstick began I have gotten a bit more adventurous in lip colors. Once I accidentally wore orange lipstick. With my skin tone, HUGE mistake. I’m a bit more careful now.


Currently I have 2 shades of reddish-purple, a blue and even a black lipstick. I love my purples, but I’ve yet to have the confidence to go blue or black while in public. I’ll get there. I just have to find the right place.

I’ve been collecting lipstick for years and even though I have trouble wearing it at times I’m not going to stop.

What is your favorite lipsticks? Got recommendations? Comment!


4 Comments on “Lipstick Galore

  1. I have to admit I haven’t really ever worn lipstick so the rare occasions I do it’s like ‘holy crap I look different’. I’ve been looking at them more and more but can’t seem to make myself buy them!

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