Blogtober is What!?

Blogtober is half over and it proving to be a very difficult endeavor. I’m lost some days on what to post. I so desperately want to post fun, engaging, interesting, and relatable posts everyday. I want people to love what I write as much I do.

Unfortunately, my posts sometimes fall flat and I have to ask myself what I’m doing wrong. But am I doing anything wrong? Am I failing? Is my perfectionism causing me issues? Is all of this perhaps just apart of blogging and writing? I mean they can’t all be winners can they?

Perhaps all the above questions are all true, or maybe none of them are. Nevertheless I have to push through those feelings and post anyway. Otherwise, if I don’t, I never will post. Each day I have to be stronger and smarter than I was yesterday, last week, or last month.

Blogtober is such a test of patience, creativity, and endurance. But I have a goal and I wish to obtain it!! Over the last half of Blogtober I hope I continue writing and posting things that all of you readers enjoy.

I am still taking questions for a future Q & A post and if anyone has a specific type of post they want to see me post then suggest away.

2 Comments on “Blogtober is What!?

  1. No, you are not failing. Just remember to not out to much pressure on yourself, just let it come to you. You’re doing a great job.

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    • Awww thank you! Your comment has made my day. I never know if what I’m doing is right and your words are encouraging!


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