The Place Dreams are Made

Some people love to shop, and I mean really love to shop. And for some reason many people think I love to shop too. In fact my best friends insist that I’m a shopper, and they won’t believe otherwise. I was once a shopping lover and perhaps a part of me doesn’t want them to actually know.

Truth is, I really don’t like shopping. It exhausts me and I never really buy anything. I hate spending money. I just don’t want to suffer buyers remorse. But if I really get honest there is one place that I have to go to whenever I get the chance. I only have love for one place. Hot Topic! I would live in Hot topic if I could. It just makes me feel happy inside.

This store is an a retail store in the United States that sells items of pop culture. This store has clothing, jewelry, beauty supplies, music, almost anything really. . Pretty much if you have to feed your love for fandoms or have a more edgy fashion sense then this is the place to go.

I am completely happy in Hot Topic and all it’s weirdness. Years ago it was even considered taboo to go in there. Like the devil would eat your soul. Or maybe it was more like a ticket straight to hell, honestly I don’t know.

Anyway, the store has made changes and it has lost some of the taboo feel. Not to say there aren’t people still demonizing the place. The music is loud and the store is dark. But there a few things that never seem to change. The staff is insanely nice and helpful (more so than many stores). The atmosphere is weird, like creativity is in bloom. The store is dark and the music is loud. I feel at home in that store.


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