An Anonymous Color

I’m not sure why but I feel as if I must talk about my favorite color. I need to sing the praises (write the praises?) of the color black. Many people tell me that black isn’t a color and I only scoff. Black is amazing and most definitely is a color.

Also there are those who claim there is only one shade of black. WHAT?! There are a variety of shades you just have to know what you’re looking at.


Black is very versatile. In fashion it is the sleekest color in existence. In my opinion at least. It is slimming and practically goes with everything, even brown (if done correctly). I know I break a lot fashion rules, don’t hate on me. Black is also the safest color to wear. Not sure what color is appropriate or what looks good? Go for black.

I love black nail polish and black eye makeup. I do not put the eye makeup on as heavily as I did when I was younger but I do love black eye shadow and eyeliner. Maybe it’s the emo/goth kid in me. I even have a black lipstick, but I have not quite figured out an appropriate place to wear it. When I do it will be posted here or on Instagram. You can count on that.

On my last point in my rant about the gloriousness of black is that I feel this color ‘gets me’. It feels as if black is a reflection on my personality. I like to say I have a black soul or I’m dead inside. I’m clearly not being serious (or am I?). I am a little twisted and infinitely bizarre. Black makes me feel safe. I’m already loud and sarcastic. My personality makes up for the lack of color in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I will stay content in my life of the color black.

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