Romantic comedies…..Or are they?

Romantic comedies, every woman loves them. Or at least it seems that way. I’ve watched dozens and dozens myself. When I was younger they were my absolute favorite genre of movies. But then I got older……now I think I’m starting to hate them. I’m not entirely sure, but it certainly seems that way. I just always feel so………unsatisfied with the ending. Yeah, the girl and the guy get together and they live happily ever after. Maybe that is why I hate them, the whole way they portray happiness and love. Yeah, at first it seems amazing and to die for and then I start to think about it.

Am I supposed to turn off my brain with these movies? Do I have too many feminist sensibilities? Do I just care too much? It is JUST a movie after all. But is it just a movie? Doesn’t it teach us how love is supposed to be? How guys are supposed to treat us? How we, as women, are supposed to behave?

  • Strong, organized women are always shown to have a stick up their ass that only a guy can fix. Maybe she’s just that way. Maybe she should be accepted for who she is. She changes and becomes oh so sweet. Confidence is frowned upon. Think Devil Wears Prada.
  • Chick flicks bother me because the girl always gives up her life after meeting a guy. She gets rid of her dreams and decides a guy is all she wants and the answer to all her problems. Think Sweet Home Alabama.
  • It also bothers me that someone is often cheating on their significant. Maybe not physically but at the very least emotionally cheating. And in the end the person always leaves their significant other for the other person. Like where is the commitment? Do you think they won’t do it again? Think The Wedding Planner and The Notebook.

There are so many other reasons that I am beginning to dislike these movies too. But don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to ruin these movies for others. To be honest I still like plenty of chick flicks. In fact I even still like Devil Wears Prada (even though I just criticized it). It’s just that I don’t enjoy them like I once did. Why can’t they make movies where the girl is confident and happy with or without a guy.  Or role reversal sometimes is fun. That gives a new twists on things at least.

The two most notable movies that I can say switches things up is The Decoy Bride (yes there is one part that violate my above list, but the rest is original and refreshing), and Man Up! (in my recollection it is a complete role reversal, which is just fun to watch. And the movie is actually genuinely funny).

I wish I could still enjoy chick flicks, but I can’t like I once did. I just don’t feel very satisfied with most of the endings when I’m done (and yes, I do realize it is just a movie). I love finding that rare chick flick that is truly unique. So if anyone knows of any I’d gladly take suggestions.

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