Dear 16 Year Old

People like to say if they had the chance to go back and change something in their life they wouldn’t. Maybe those people are content and they are being honest; or perhaps they are full of crap. Either way I understand not wanting to change things, but at the same time if I could have gotten a heads up on things, my life would be better now. I wouldn’t be having to learn some of this stuff now!

If I could go back and somehow tell my 16-year-old self some of what I know now the current me would be so thankful. My 16 year old self was so cringy. Well, I still am cringy but teenage cringy is a special kind of hell. I’d have 10 pieces of advice to her.

  1. Whatever you do DO NOT fall for that boy next year. He’ll only leave you hurt and wondering why you could have been so stupid. You’ll hate the male species for a long time too. Save yourself and everyone else the trouble and pain.
  2. Start dealing with you anxiety and depression NOW! Work hard on it. It won’t go away on its own and you are not crazy or alone.
  3. Accept yourself now. It doesn’t get easier. People will attempt to bring you down. Accept that style/personality you have. Maybe it doesn’t fit in with everyone else. Just be yourself and stop believing those lies you are being told. You are close enough to perfect.
  4. Don’t hesitate on your decisions. You are good at those split second decisions. Stop the doubt before it starts.
  5. You have lot’s of skin allergies. Deal with them now. No more cats on your face. Your skin will thank you later.
  6. Your cat and the dog you begged for? Hold on to them. They’ll be gone soon. Take care of them and love them as much as possible. It’s going to hurt more than you ever thought possible and it’s okay. Accept the hole in your heart it leaves and keep living.
  7. Be careful with blush. Damn! Avoid those awful choices, wrong colors, and pictures that live forever.
  8. People are going to hurt you, abandon you, use you, and hate you. It does not define who you are.
  9. Stop being a little bitch and telling other people how to live their lives. It doesn’t make you a better person and only hurts them. Remember that being judged never feels good and it’s not constructive.
  10. You will never be a professional dancer. Accept it, quit taking those dance lessons, and dance on your own. For your own happiness.

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    Thanks, Kid Mentalist.

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