Season Essentials

I’m not a huge fan of any season that isn’t summer but with fall/autumn comes a few advantages or shall we say positives (even though it’s getting cold outside).

So my essentials to this season are as follows:

Jackets: I absolutely adore jackets. Particularly my leather jackets. Actually they are pleather. If one explores my Instagram for much time it is clear I am almost always in some form of jacket (mostly due to being unable to regulate heat properly). But with that issue in my life I’ve made it work and am happy and content with wearing jackets. They are comfortable and stylish and give me the edge I always try to incorporate in my style.

Boots: Oh how I can miss my boots during the summer. I have multiple pairs as discussed in this post. Boots are my life and happiness and I am quickly accumulating probably more than I need. Can you actually have too many pairs of shoes though? Anyway, being able to add boots with my favorite jacket and maybe my favorite scarf leaves me a very happy girl.

Pumpkin and apple anything: I absolutely adore pumpkin and apple flavors. Pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider are delicious. Don’t even get me started on the baked goods in those categories! Besides them as food I love apple and pumpkin picking, especially at festivals. Pumpkin carving is only something I’ve started doing in the past few years. I’m not exactly the most artistically talented but I do find it fun.

What are your fall essentials?



4 Comments on “Season Essentials

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  2. I love pumpkin and apple flavours as well! I am also a huge boot wearer and do struggle with not putting them on in the summer. I nominated you for a tag if you feel like playing along.


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