I Got Older!

I just had my birthday! Well, it was almost a couple of weeks ago, but nevertheless, I’m officially 24 years and I simultaneously feel old and yet as insecure as a preteen. Is that normal, or just me? Anyway, I had a fantastic birthday this year.

It all started early as I don’t like sleeping in on my birthday. I like squeezing as much in the day as I can. Every year, since I was 16, has started the same, my dad and I go out for coffee at our favorite coffee shop. I got the iced pumpkin spice latte and a blueberry muffin. Delicious as always.

Iced Pumpkin spice latte and blueberry muffin


While at the cafe my dad and I just talk about life and everything for seemingly ever and then go for a walk. This year was no different. Our talking was shorter than most years though. I think it was mostly due to the fact that the cafe was extremely busy, more so than when we normally go, so it was noisy. I didn’t even finish my drink before we left to walk around. It was very hot even early in the day and I was slightly uncertain how my stomach would handle heat and coffee at the same time. It held up perfectly though. We walked around a bunch and since there was a street fair going on we looked around. There was a petting zoo that we stopped at and I got to pet goats, sheep, ponies, and even a donkey. All were surprisingly soft and every animal was so sweet. My dad and I spent quite a lot of time at that petting zoo.

After that we continued walking around for a bit. We stopped at a booth for boxing and they ignored me. Probably because I’m a girl and not that big. It was annoying but we moved on to other booths, one I got a new drinking cup and another I found out about an opportunity to carve pumpkins! I love carving pumpkins! By the time we made it back to the car I’d finished the coffee and was really sweaty. It was nice to cool down in the car. We headed home for lunch.

My parents and younger brother, Morgan (he was back in town for my birthday!), and I left immediately after lunch to go to a Toy and Miniature museum. We’ve talked for years about going but never had, and it seemed like a good idea since my other ideas were outside and we did not want to deal with the heat. The museum was interesting as it had tons of old and antique toys. There was a lot of creepy dolls too. I tried to avoid them.

The miniature section was so weird as literally everything was in miniature form. Tiny glassware, tiny tables, tiny houses, tiny food, and tiny furniture. Tiny everything! So odd and those people who make them have way more patience than I ever will.

When we were leaving the guy we bought our tickets from gave me a tiny kaleidoscope. I had told him it was my birthday to see if I could get in for free. Hey, never hurts to ask. He had told me no, but I thought it was sweet that he gave me it when I was leaving.

At home my family gave my gifts and I got so much stuff. I got a bunch of clothes, a new purse and belt, a mug, Skylar Grey merchandise (my favorite!), and a book and bobblehead. So many great gifts and I loved all of them.


For dinner my mom made me Beef Strogganof and broccoli and a nice bread. She has always made me my birthday dinners and as always it was amazing. My mom also makes and decorates all my birthday cakes. This year she really blew my cake design out of the water. It was beautiful and perfect.

All in all I had a fantastic birthday and I couldn’t have asked for a better day (except my older brother being able to come home too). I hope being 24 will truly be amazing and I hope my wish I made before blowing my candles out (yes, I still do that) comes true.

Maybe I’ll have more figured out by the time I’m 25. Maybe I won’t take things as personally, maybe I’ll know my purpose and direction in life. Maybe the feeling of floundering in life will be gone. Maybe none of it will.



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