Call for action!

This is my third day of Blogtober and this is my first call to action. I am going to do a post later on this month where I answer questions. The problem is I don’t have any questions. So that’s where all you amazing readers come in. So that being said, I need questions. Lots of them. You can ask questions in the comments of this post or comment on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn,  or email me.

I love, love, love answering questions and interacting with others online so I hope this is goes really well. Just ask your questions in the comments below. I need at least 5 questions to make this post work. Thanks in advance. Love you guys!

I have Lauzies Lifestyle to thank for this idea! Thank you! Check out her blog here, it’s amazing

8 Comments on “Call for action!

  1. If there was one book that you would love to see turned into a film, what would it be and who would star in it? Bonus question – what’s one film that was adapted from a book that you wish never happened?


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