Garden Adventures

Recently, my family and I decide to make a drive and go visit my older brother. It was recently his birthday so we kind of wanted to celebrate it with him. When we got to his place we immediately headed out for something to eat, because it was lunchtime and we were all hungry.


We found ourselves at Cracker Barrel, as that is a place my brother really enjoys eating. We had a pretty good time at the restaurant. I got a raspberry lemonade and a bacon cheeseburger with fries. The drink was amazing, but the food? Not so much. I really wish I had gotten the turkey dinner special instead. I’m not sure burgers or fries are this restaurants forte. Nevertheless, I finished my food and was very full.



After our filling lunch we needed to walk it off so we headed over to a small botanical garden that my brother told us about. I love flowers and pretty landscapes so I was very content walking around that place. They had so many different kinds and colors of flowers. Bees and butterflies were everywhere. I happen to think both bees and butterflies are incredible and beautiful. It was enjoyable to watch them flutter or buzz from flower to flower, bush to bush.


This garden also had an amazing little waterfall display where you can climb up a few cute stone stairs and sit at the top of the tiny waterfall. It was beautiful and great for a little photo op, as I did a little modeling session.

Eventually we made it over to this miniature lake and I walked along side it for a bit before we crossed a bridge and my mom wouldn’t stop quaking at the ducks sitting at the edge of the lake. The duck kept quacking back too. Besides the duck there was a big snapping turtle swimming around. We even saw him dive into deeper water, probably going after one of the fish in the lake.

After observing the lake and getting my mom to stop quacking we headed back to the car. We were all exhausted and overheated at it was over 90 degrees and pretty humid. Also, my stomach hadn’t had lunch settle very well. Next, we drove to a pretty great frozen custard place, called Andy’s. I’d never been, but my brother loves that place and he’s been dying to show us how good it was. Well, I was not disappointed. I got a strawberry custard.


Even though my stomach wasn’t all that happy I enjoyed the custard, immensely. I both savored the flavor and texture of the frozen treat. I need to get frozen custard more often, it’s much better than ice cream.

After the treat we left my brother at his home and started back on the long trip back home. I was exhausted but the day had been more fun than I even anticipated. I’d like to have a day like that again soon.


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