Blogtober Day 1

This is a short post for the first day of Blogtober. Blogtober is actually a thing? The person who came up with this idea was either crazy or genius. I know, I should have posted this a week ago instead of the very first day of October. That being said, I literally just found out this blogging challenge only a few days ago. Thanks for your post that introduced me to this idea Just Emmi. You can see her post here.

Blogging every day of the month sounds a bit stressful, but I’d like to at least try. I do have some goals related to this challenge.

  • Challenge myself with my blogging.
  • Help my creativity to flourish.
  • To get the chance to say I completed Blogtober
  • Raise my blog views, follows, and interaction
  • Build my writing confidence

I’m most nervous about finding good topics to post about. I’ve found some ideas online and I will be using some of those ideas (i.e. memories, favorites, lists, etc) along with my more normal posts. But if anyone has any good ideas or something they’d like me to post about tell me in the comments. Please send them, I love answering questions and entertaining my followers and anyone who reads my blog.

See you tomorrow!




Note: Featured photo is from Twitter and not mine. No copyright infringement intended. 


2 Comments on “Blogtober Day 1

  1. I had never heard of this challenge before. It will definitely encourage you to be as creative as possible to post daily. I really enjoyed your letter to a friend post, because I like posts that I can relate too. Maybe do a day where people can ask you questions for a q&a.

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    • Oooooooo I love that idea! Maybe I’ll post the call for questions tomorrow. Thank you!!

      Thank you, that was a tough post to write. I too love posts that I can relate too

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