Boots That Make Me Powerful

This is my first fashion post and I think that means I should highlight my must have piece of fashion. It’s not to say I wear them all the time, but my life wouldn’t be complete without this. That would be boots. Actually, I just love shoes in general, but I absolutely adore boots. Fashion boots, that is. Ankle, calf, knee, or even thigh high boots. Boots just make me happy. I’ve loved them since I was a little kid and dreamt of the day I could buy myself a pair. Well, it is safe to say that day DID come. It came several times too. I am now the happy owner of over a half a dozen pairs of boots. And that number is ever-growing. This post is my opportunity to show my love.

Thigh high boots are my new love. I always loved how they looked on other people, but people like to demonize this style, as they are often called hooker boots. Hey, who is to say that hookers can’t have knowledge about shoes? The pair I own, came from Target. They were for a steal and I’m in love. Thank you Target for selling such a beautiful pair of boots. They are comfortable and easy to walk in. I’ve had issues with boots being too tight around my calves in the past. But the material of these boots forms nicely to the shape of my leg. Go! Go buy yourself a pair. They are amazing.

Military style boots are fantastic. Besides thigh high I think this style is my favorite.  They are the only type of flat boots that I will even think about wearing. I also got my pair from Target. Does Target just know shoes? Another great job. My military boots are comfortable and are safe, as I don’t have to worry about heels. I am a lover of heels, but I have yet learned to walk in them without feeling just a bit nervous. Military boots, at least my pair, are great to wear if the weather is a bit bad and heels would be too risky to walk around in. I also feel that this kind of boot is a great way to give that edgy look. A look I always try to go for (that is a post for a different time).

My knee-high boots are probably the pairs I wear the most. I just have the most experience with them and I love them. I own three pairs of this style. It was the kind of boot that I first started my boot buying experience with. Two of my pairs are both comfortable (relatively) and really cheap at the Salvation Army store. The other pair I bought from Kohl’s . I’ve worn this style all around Comic Con while in costume and on graduation day, so the comfort level has been tested. They just seem to hold up really well, especially great if it’s chilly and you want extra warmth. Very iconic type of boot. Knee highs are probably the one of the most practical boots to buy if you are look for a great fashion statement.

Ankle boots are the oddest style of boot I own. If I’m honest I used to think they were ridiculous looking and pointless. But after messing around one day in the shoe department at Kohl’s, I fell in love with them too. It was sudden, but defining. This style is a classic; they will never to go out of style. It was stupid for me to think they are pointless. They are great for pretty much any look. It can make even a casual clothes fancier. You can wear them when it’s still warm outside. And there is no issue with your pants bunching up. These shoes can’t seem to do anything wrong. I certainly can see myself buying myself more ankle boots. Good example on why to never write any kind of  shoe off.

I hope it is apparent just how much I love boots and the fashion options that just a shoe can give. I hope to keep growing my collection and maybe I’ll even branch out into different colors. People do say that I should put more color into my life. We’ll see. But I hope you enjoyed this post about my favorite shoe.

Do you like boots? I’d love to hear about your favorite styles in the comments.


6 Comments on “Boots That Make Me Powerful

    • Well, I don’t know how small you are, but I’m considered petite. I would try a few pairs if I were you. Like any shoe they all fit differently. But clearly that is just my opinion. Do what makes you comfortable. Thank you for your comment!

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