A Girl and Her Eyeliners: A Ranking

I don’t typically blog on the weekend, but I’ve been itching to write lately and I’ve been dying to post this. I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks. I hope you like my list.

So if I could only wear one type of makeup for the rest of my life it would be eye liner, hands down. There is just something about eyeliner that can pull an entire look together. Also, my preference might slightly be because my eyes happen to be one of my favorite features on my entire body.

Now I’ve been wearing eyeliner for years, so I’ve tried a few, to say the least. Anything from cheap to expensive and it’s felt like everything in between. I seriously thought I’d never be able to find one that worked for me. So many of them would just slide, smudge, and in some cases just disappear completely over the course of my day. NOT HELPFUL!!

I’m going to review the eyeliners I have right now on my makeup table. Don’t hate me if I can’t remember the exact names. Currently I have close to a dozen brands of eyeliner. Here are ones worth noting:

L.A. Colors eyeliner pencil in blue: This liner is cheap and I got it years ago for a fun color. It doesn’t apply very well or stay on. I’m not even sure if they sell this liner anymore. The stuff is cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for. I’m not a huge L.A. Colors fan because I tend to have allergies to some of the products.

I give it 1 star out of 5

E.L.F. Shimmer eyeliner pencil in Twinkle Teal: I love E.L.F makeup products. I’ve been buying them since I first started wearing makeup and I’ve tried a couple of there eyeliners. I bought this eyeliner years ago because I was young and I wanted a fun color. I wear it for special occasions sometimes. It’s not the greatest for the top lash line, but it does work pretty well if you just want a pop of color on the bottom line. I also love how it comes with its own sharpener. That being said it’s not my favorite liner. You get what you pay for and this one only costs a dollar.

1 1/2 stars out of 5

ULTA beauty eye liner pencil (in several different colors): Now I absolutely adore ULTA makeup. It can be pretty expensive but I love them. The only reason I have these eyeliners is because they came in this amazing makeup set I got for a Christmas present. I don’t know much about these liners, because I never use them. I don’t use them for two reasons. One, I don’t use liners that are like colored pencils. I never think they stay on well and it’s difficult to get on. That leads to my second reason. It hurts to put on. It scrapes along my lash line and I basically have to sketch it in. It just hurts and I don’t like it!

1 1/2 stars out of 5

Rimmel London Scandaleyes waterproof eyeliner: I loved this stuff. It came with a great mascara and it glides right on the eye. No pain, no smudging, it’s perfect. Clearly too perfect. I make all attempts to only wear makeup that is cruelty free. SO when I found out that Rimmel isn’t cruelty free I had to stop buying it, even though it was an eyeliner that was perfect. It was a dream come true finding this. I will finish using the rest of my Rimmel eyeliner, because I am not wasteful, but I won’t buy them again till they stop the cruelty.

5 stars out of 5, but since it isn’t cruelty free 2 out of 5 starts

Wet N’Wild Megalast waterproof liner: This liner was my first attempt to find a replacement for when my Rimmel liner is gone. It’s an okay liner but it’s kind of hard to line without having to press really hard. It also tends to break. It’s not expensive and if you can get it on it’s okay but all in all not super impressed.

3 1/2 stars out of 5

NYX Professional waterproof liner: I just got this liner and I have to say it is the only liner that has worked as well as my Rimmel liner did. It glides on perfectly and it stays put all day long, even if you accidentally rub your eyes. Which I never fail to do, even after all these years. But I’ve never had any trouble with it. Everything I loved about Rimmel is in this liner and the added bonus is that NYX is cruelty free!! Thank you NYX!


5 out of 5 stars


NYX Matte liquid eyeliner: I got this the same day at the NYX gel pencil. I don’t wear liquid eyeliner. Believe me I’ve tried it and it’s horrible. I kind of end up looking like Alice Cooper. It smears and you can’t move your eye for 5 minutes as you wait for it to dry and don’t even get me started on wings, because that’s a whole other blog post.

5 starts out of 5, especially since it’s liquid

The only reason I got it is this employee who works at my local Target started talking to me about eyeliners. I’ve clearly been struggling to find a great liner when she asks me if I’ve ever tried NYX liner. I told her no but I was considering it. She recommended the liquid eyeliner. I told her how I try to avoid liquid liner. She told me how thin the brush is and how easy it is to control. Also, how it stays put. I caved. She convinced me. I took it home and tried it and was instantly in love. This liner is fantastic. It stays in place and guess what? The brush is easy to control, now I am teaching myself how to do wings. I can finally do wings! So employee at Target, THANK YOU! You are a freaking genius and I’m so glad I listened to you!

So those are my eyeliners. I think I’ve made it pretty clear how much I love liners. Maybe you’ve tried some of these or another kind that you love or even just makeup you love. Tell me about them in the comments. I love hearing what others love too!

Till next time.


4 Comments on “A Girl and Her Eyeliners: A Ranking

  1. I really enjoyed reading this as I love eyeliners. I like the Rimmel Scandaleyes and I like drugstore liquid felt tip style liners too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve never been able to get felt tip liners to work for me. What’s your favorite kind? I might have to go back and try felt tip as everyone keeps telling me to try them again. Thank you for the comment


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