I love to travel! It’s kind of hard to believe how much I love it, especially, since home is where my heart is. I am very much an introvert, but travelling is my happy place too. When I was young, like I’m talking 2nd grade or younger I hated the idea of sleeping anywhere that wasn’t my bed. We never went on vacation and I was okay with it. Maybe you can related to that. I mean it gave me horrible anxiety to think about leaving over night. My bed is safe and comfortable and I knew it.

But once I actually began to travel I was bitten. I wanted to see the world. I’m not even sure why it hit me so hard. It was such a sudden thing. Maybe it was when my older brother, Colin, went on this epic road trip. I got to feeling jealous, I too, wanted to see these things that I saw on tv and in pictures. I wanted to feel the way my brother seemed to feel. Excited and in awe of the world. Or perhaps it was because the year he went on his road trip I started college I got that first feeling of freedom. Maybe it was because someone I knew had just suddenly died at the age on just 16, and now I truly believed life was short. I don’t know, maybe each one was the culprit for developing my wanderlust.

Whatever the cause of this wanderlust I made a plan with my brothers to go on a trip. With almost no money we settled on going to see the pacific ocean. We saved for a year before making our very first trip together. We went to Los Angeles, California. There were so many instances that I didn’t think we could make it but I was committed to going. If it was the last thing I ever did I was going to see the Pacific Ocean and I was going to see Hollywood.

After months of hard work and planning we made it. We were on our first flight and we were really going to LA. We were nervous but excited. But it was just the three of us and we were doing it! That feeling is unexplainable. I was finally completing a dream, a plan, a goal. Have you ever felt that way? I’m not sure I ever had.

Now our trip to Los Angeles did not go exactly as planned. There were fights, homesickness, tears, laughter, happiness, excitement, medical issues, good music, traffic, and fantastic memories. Even with all that we all managed to come back in one piece. The problem for me is I wanted to see more. Now I have gotten to see more but that is for a whole different blog post. Follow me to read about those stories in the coming weeks.

Photoshoot with a map and a truth close to my heart

Anyone who tells me they’ve never been anywhere I just want to tell them to go try some place. Make it happen. How do you know you’ll hate it? I thought I did but look at me now. I absolutely love travelling and seeing the world. But at the same time I love my bed and home and I somehow have found a balance between the two of them. My dream came true.  I now realize it’s imperative for my well-being. There is so much more than your backyard.

Anyway, travelling is something different I can look forward to. It is that time that I know I’ll be slightly more brave and adventurous. I mean I always love a good adventure but there is something so specifically special about being adventurous while on a trip. I don’t know if it’s the thought you could kill yourself while away from home or because you don’t have the comforts of home. Unfortunately, I haven’t be able to go on as many trips as I dream of. I mean if you follow me on Pinterest you’d know. I want to see the world and I haven’t even scratched the surface. It’d kind of exciting, but damn, how am I going to fulfill this dream more and more.


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