I Visited Heaven

Heaven is an amazing visit….no I didn’t die, please don’t take everything so literally. What I mean is I love festivals! I don’t mean music festivals because I’ve never been to one, but I’m sure I’d love those too. But I’m specifically writing about food and cultural festivals, I’ve been to a couple in the last month.

First, I attended my city’s ethnic festival. This was my second year of going but since I was pretty sick last year I wasn’t able to enjoy it that much.  But this year did NOT disappoint. My friend, Michael, and I explored this festival for a couple of hours and ended up spending our time savoring different foods and cultures.

It was worth the time and money.

Other cultures fascinate me. I always want to learn more about each one. Each and everyone is different and it kind of gives me perspective and reminds me that not everyone needs to be the same. We gotta embrace those differences in each other and ourselves too. Very good reminder because I fear sometimes we forget. So these ethnic customs and culture are amazing but nothing compares to the FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on these places know how to cook! I don’t feel like I’m eating synthetic food that is jamming up my arteries. Don’t get me wrong! I can definitely enjoy food that definitely isn’t food. Boxed mac and cheese come to me!

Anyway my friend and I began our search for pieces of heaven. We found them.The first one being in Israel. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture but I got to try falafel! Oh my goodness that stuff is fantastic. So I love hush puppies and let me tell you falafel is like 100 times better. Trust me I’m getting them again as soon as I can.

Our next stop was St. Lucia. My friend wanted something sweet and since we both love coconut and cake we decided on the coconut cake. Sounds good, right? Oh it wasn’t good. It was life altering!! The coconut flavor and texture was strong but not too much to overwhelm the entire thing. It was beautiful and delicious.

Coconut cake from St. Lucia


Next we headed over to Ireland to get a something to quench our growing thirst. We got Kilkenny lemonade. I’m not sure what made it Irish except for the name. I mean I didn’t even know lemons grew in Ireland. Nevertheless, it was good. I’m not usually a fan of homemade lemonade as it usually tastes either like sugar water with a hint of lemon or lemon water with a hint of sugar. Other than that there isn’t much to talk about. Though it was pretty. Either way good job Ireland on the lemonade.

Kilkenny Lemonade from Ireland


After satisfying our parched throats we really got adventurous. Heading over to Nigeria for some goat meat. I’d never tried goat before so I was curious. It came with fried rice and I knew I loved that so I figured I was safe. Oh, I was so wrong! We got spicy fried rice thinking it was like everything else that is allegedly spicy. In other words not spicy at all. Well I’ve never been more wrong than I was in that decision. I didn’t even realize anything could be that spicy! It burned all the way into my stomach. My eyes watered and my nose was atrocious and it was completely amazing. I ate all of it. Even with the pain and I would get it again, in a heart beat.

Goat meat and Fried rice from Nigeria


Even with our mouths and all our internal organs on fire we went next door to Nepal and had some chicken dumplings. From what I could tell they were delicious. Though, next time I think I need to try them when my body isn’t on fire.

Chicken Dumplings from Nepal


We’d seen these amazing pineapple drinks all through the festival so we wanted one immediately. They looked delicious and we needed something to cool us off. Quickly, making out way over to Laos we got some crab ragoons and the pineapple drink. Both were great and both helped my friend and I to get some feeling back in our mouths.

Crab Ragoons from Laos
Pineapple Drink from Laos


Having our bodies set on fire was exhausting we needed to just rest. We sat and enjoyed ethnic music and a parade of the different countries for a while. It was truly beautiful to watch them march around the middle of the festival. After that we grabbed some noodles from the Philippines.  Not completely sure how I felt about them at first. They looked, umm, strange, to say the least. But hell, I tried it anyway just to say I did. Oh the life of an adventurous eater. They ended up tasting like Ramen. So not too bad. I’d try something else there before trying these noodles again.

Filipino noodles from Philippines


Our very last stop was Bolivia. They had this Purple Corn drink. I thought it sounded just weird enough for me to try, and that drink didn’t disappoint. It was so good. It kind of reminded me of koolaide, only not as sweet. It even came in a cup that I was able to keep as a souvenir.

Purple Corn drink from Bolivia


I fully intend to go back again next year and I totally recommend going to an Ethnic Festival near you. It’s great to try new things, especially food. And it was a really full day but it was a day that made me feel good and those days are important. Those kinds of days are a bit difficult for me to have. I hope I’m not the only person who feels that way. Do the things that make you feel good. I try to remember that and to practice it.

I know I said there were two festivals that I went to recently but I’m out of time today so come read about my other adventure on Thursday. I hope you will and please tell me, in the comments, about the fun festivals you’ve gone to this year. Also, please ignore my messed up nail polish in all the pictures, as I did not have time to fix them. Life is more than perfect nails.

Till next time.


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